Mason, Spray Painter, Plate Welder (Job code: JB00048873)

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Posted on - 12/01/2019

  • Key Skills:
    Refinery/Oil & Gas Construction
    Petroleum / Oil and Gas / Power, Construction - Oil & Gas
  • Functional Area:
    Functional Specialization:
    Welding General, Mason, Tile Mason, Refractory Mason, Painter / Wall Painter / Building Painter / Spray Painter
  • Qualification:
    Qualification Specialization:
  • Location:
    Abu Dhabi
  • Experience:
    5 - 6 yrs.
  • Yearly Salary:


Job Title:
Mason, Spray Painter, Plate Welder

Qualification: SSC
Experience: Should have minimum 5 years experience in Refinery/Oil & Gas construction (Gulf exp preferred)

Nationality: Indian
Email Id:

company profile :Gusan Construction Copany

Based on the high-quality construction treading the path of righteousness, we, Gusan, have been advanced continuously while we laid and strengthened groundwork of overall domestic and foreign industries.Through our continuous innovation and value-management, our capability and competence of high-quality construction have been achieved wide recognition. Further, as a space-creator designing rightly humanism in housing culture, we’re improving our perfect capability and competence of high-quality construction.We turned any troubles and difficulties we experienced into another advantage. Through the decisive investment of our resources for establishing worldwide networks, we've set up the infrastructure for our future growth which will be long-lasting like a vitality of a turtle. And we elicit the human-centered construction treading the path of righteousness. At last, we come to take the shape of an WORLD WIDE CONSTRUCTION CHIEF LEADER.We'll always listen to our customers' voices, and we'll lead the establishment of pleasant social-infrastructures, and we'll do our best to develop a new growth engine maximizing add-value of worldwide construction.

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