MySQL Database Administrator (Job code: JB00051090)

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Posted on - 10/09/2019

  • Key Skills:
    Candidate should have experience 4 to 5 years of exp in relevant industry
  • Functional Area:
    IT / Telecom - Software
    Functional Specialization:
  • Qualification:
    BE / B.Tech
    Qualification Specialization:
  • Location:
  • Experience:
    4 - 5 yrs.
  • Yearly Salary:


Job Title:
Job Profile:

Installing and upgrading the database server and application tool

Allocating system storage and planning storage requirements for the database  system

>  Provision MySQL instances, both in clustered and non-clustered configurations

>  Modifying the database structure, as necessary, from information given byapplication developers

>  Handle common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery,  migration, etc.

?  Enrolling users and maintaining system security

>  Ensuring compliance with database vendor license agreement

 >  Controlling and monitoring user access to the database
>  Profile server resource usage, optimize and tweak as necessary

>  Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database

>  Planning for backup and recovery of database information

>  Maintaining archived data

?  Backing up and restoring databases

>  Contacting database vendor for technical support by raising Service Requests,  etc.

>  Generating various reports by querying from database as per need

 >  Managing and monitoring data replication at DR / Alternate Site

>  Preparing documentations and specifications, as required

>  Working in close liaison with other DBAs of MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, etc. for   extraction of data, transformation and loading

?  Acting as liaison with users

Desired Functionalities :

A.  Core Database monitoring

?  Creating user-specific SQL or PL/SQL metrics with warning notification

>  Execution of user-specific scripts on Windows platform
>  Creating customized SQL reports with email notification
?  Dynamic visual indication of problems in the console

B. Instance access to the following information

>  Size of databases

>  Free space in table spaces

>  User table spaces, spaces occupied by objects

>  Object/system privileges of users/roles, reasons of granting

?  List of roles/privileges granted according to a certain document

?  Description of users, their passwords, reasons for creation
>  List of scripts in a specific database and their purpose
>  Technical documentation of any database
?  Log of actions/crashes/incidents in any database
? And other related areas

C. Log of database changes

>  Date of creation/deletion of users/roles, log of privilege changes

>  Time of granting/revoking privileges, reasons for granting
>  Table space sizes

?  Time and date of database objects creation and deletion

>  History of database operations performed in the system )e.g., granting of
    privileges, creation of table spaces, etc

>  Connections to the database, with names of computers and solutions

>  And other related areas.

Skill Set Required for the DBA

a) Minimum 4 — 5 years of experience and ensure L3 level support availability for regular review and need based support.

b) Strong proficiency in MySQL database management

c)  Decent experience with recent versions of MySQL

d) Understanding of MySQL's underlying storage engines, such as InnoDB and

e)  Experience with replication configuration in MySQL

f)  Knowledge of de-facto standards and best practices in MySQL

g)  Proficient in writing and optimizing SQL statements

h) Knowledge of MySQL features, such as its event scheduler

i)  Ability to plan resource requirements from high level specifications

j)  Familiarity with other SQL/NoSQL databases such as MS SQL, Oracle,  PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

k) Knowledge of limitations in MySQL and their workarounds in contrast to other
 popular relational databases

company profile :ASMACS

ASMACS’ global network and the infrastructure facilities spread across the Indian Sub-continent and Arabian Gulf Region play a dominant role in the growth of ASMACS Group business.

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